A Guide to Find Perfect Nude Lipstick Shade for your Skin Tone

A Guide to Find Perfect Nude Lipstick Shade for your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect lipstick is as challenging as finding a bridal dress. A slight
mismatch can destroy the look and the day. However, there is no thumb rule to
determining nude lipstick’s shade. It entirely depends on skin tone.

People with neutral and light tones should go with a peachy touch, while people
with light skin tones should select lighter shades. You can follow this guide to find
the right one for you.

How to Find the Best Nude Lipstick Shade?

Determine your Skin Tone

The first step in finding the perfect nude lipstick shade is determining your skin
tone. There are three main skin tones, but you can determine yours by looking at
the veins inside your wrist. If the veins look green, you have a warm tone. In case
they show bluish or purplish color, it indicates a cool skin tone. In the case of
blue-green color, a neutral skin tone is evident.


Consider the Undertone

The next step is to determine the undertone of your skin. This is the hue that lies
beneath the surface of your skin and can be cool or neutral.

Choose the Right Shade

For warm skin tones, opt for nude lipstick with a warm, peachy, or golden
undertone. Choose a shade with a pink or cool beige undertone for cool skin
tones. For neutral skin tones, choose a neutral, beige shade that matches your
skin's natural color.


Test the Lipstick

Before making a purchase, test the lipstick on your lips to ensure it looks natural
and flattering. Look for a shade that blends seamlessly with your skin, creating a
natural-looking lip color.



Don't be afraid to experiment with different shades of nude lipstick to find the
one that works best. Keep in mind that lighting, skin tone, and personal style can
all influence the shade that looks best on you.


There is no one perfect shade of nude lipstick for everyone. The best way to find
the right shade is to try different options and find the one that complements your
skin tone and makes you feel confident and beautiful.


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