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THE PEARL: Detox buffer

THE PEARL: Detox buffer

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THE PEARL: Detox buffer that detoxifies your reproductive system by getting rid of odors, abundant and smelly discharge. It also makes design easier.

Scope of application: Anti-inflammation and elimination of bacteria also promotes blood circulation.

How to use it:
Wash your hands thoroughly and open the sachet containing the pearl. Pull the string above the bead. Insert the bead into the vagina to a depth of approximately 7cm leaving the string outside the vagina. Remove the pearl after 48 hours or 72 hours by pulling the string.

Health function:
1- renew cells, tighten vagina increase libido, improve vagina elasticity, strengthen sexual sensations make you feel like a young girl in 30 seconds.
2- stimulate female hormone and delay aging
3- clean the environment of the vagina, eliminate toxins from the vagina and meta.
4- prevent and cure all kinds of gynecopathies.

Main ingredients of La PERLE: Moschus, Sangusis draconis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Herba Menthae etc.
Tip: Do not use pearls during menstruation. You must wait 3 days before inserting the pearl. Do not insert the bead if you are wearing an IUD

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