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LSW London Morning Mindfulness Bundle

LSW London Morning Mindfulness Bundle

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1. A beautiful Morning Notes Journal (£19.99) 

2. A set of thought provoking Daily Mind Cards (£9.99) 

3 A golden pen designed especially for your journalling practice (£4.99)

Total bundle value: £34.97, but you can save 15% and buy it for just £29.97!



Lili Sinclair-Williams founded LSW London in 2018 with the goal of creating wellbeing resources and tools that were easy to use, making them accessible to all. Drawing from her expertise and experience as a therapist, she carefully curated all her favourite and most successful techniques. The first LSW London product, the best-selling Minds Card, was designed to help people focus on repeating positive habits daily. Today, LSW London has a full and ever-growing range of beautiful wellbeing and mindfulness products selling around the world.


Aristotle said... “We are what we repeatedly do”. So, if we all repeatedly do things which make us happy, what could that lead to? All LSW London products are designed with this ethos at the core. The LSW London mission is to design and create beautiful and effective products that help people live their most authentic, fulfilled lives.   

It is simple - help others live with intention, create healthy daily habits, and impact mental wellbeing, health and self-care positively. 

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