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Zelle Noir LTD

intimate gel with plant extracts

intimate gel with plant extracts

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BE FRESH: intimate gel with plant extract
This gel is for local use and helps eliminate and get rid of gynecological pathogens.

The benefits:
– it rebalances your vaginal PH.
– eliminates bacteria.
– it gets rid of odors.
– it itches and burns.
– it ensures freshness and cleanliness.

Main Ingredients: Fructus Gleditsiae, Abnormalis, Sophie flavescens, Radix Ginseng, Aloe, Herba Menthae etc.

How many scents:
we have 2 scents: lavender and rose.

How to use it: shake the bottle take a quantity of foam on your fingers gently rub your vulva and rinse with clean water once a day.

– It is forbidden to swallow it.
– do not use it during menstruation.
– it is not intended to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.

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